Top 10 Things To Do!

When you think of warm water, lots of sun and seemingly endless beaches, what comes to mind? For many…

Duke Kahanamoku
Maui 10 To Do's
Maui is a stunning travel destination that many of us have on our travel bucket lists. So, to help you along the way, here are our top 10 things to do in Maui!
Want to catch some waves? Then get surf-fit with these sport-specific exercise tips that will keep you out there riding the breakers for longer.
Boat bow with Anchor detail of sailboats in a row
Usually when you buy a used boat, the anchor that comes with the boat generally matches the area the boat cruises in. Cruisers that go up and down the coast may have 3 types of anchors so they can choose the right anchor.
Snorkeling Hawaii
The magic of Hawaii tourist places is the sparkling grains of sand in contrast with blue water; and enchanting view of the sunset makes tourist to fall in love with Hawaii.
Hiking Maui
Every time I leave the pavement, I take along my trusty hiking pack – even if I have no intention of hiking. Doing this has become a habit rather than a conscious decision.
Have you ever wanted to be addicted to a healthy fun lifestyle that is going to keep you fit? Sure you have, in this article we discuss how to surf and the benefits that surfing can offer you.
Snorkel Mask
Before you start your diving activities and using a snorkel for the first time, there are some important tips and notions which you must learn and take into account.
Pacific Spinner Dolphin Jumping
Hawaii is a special place to swim with dolphins in the wild. The most common dolphins to swim with are the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin or Spotted Dolphins. Hawaii is home to about 700–1000 Spinner Dolphi...