Spinner Dolphin Breaching

Hawaii is a special place to swim with dolphins in the wild. The most common dolphins to swim with are the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin or Spotted Dolphins. Hawaii is home to about 700–1000 Spinner Dolphi…

The Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii is a favorite destination of people who want to swim with dolphins in the wild.

Although many species of Dolphins live here year round, the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are the most playful and curious. They feed offshore during the night and return close to shore each morning to rest and nurture their young. The pods number from a dozen or so up to 200.

One can find the dolphins traveling to one of their many resting areas, playing, leaping and spinning as they go. Once the dolphins reach these rest sites they begin to settle down and spend their day in a sleep state.

The Spotted Dolphins, the Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins and the rough toothed dolphins are usually found along the coast, sometimes intermingling with the Spinners.

You can have some of the best snorkeling on Maui, where, if your are lucky, you can have a good chance to meet up with the magnificent Spinner Dolphins and Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins.

Maui is called the fun capital of the Hawaiian Islands, with more than 100 kinds of activities to be enjoyed by land, sea or air. The Island of Maui begins atop Mauna Haleakala, a dormant volcano whose crater is big enough to hold Manhattan. Mauna Haleakala’s slopes descend to 33 miles of pristine beaches, and then plunge into the waters off Maui’s shores.

Hilton Waikoloa on the Big Island is the only legally registered operator with the United States government that is allowed to organize swim with the dolphin activity in the wild.

Author: Thomas Morva