Have you ever wanted to be addicted to a healthy fun lifestyle that is going to keep you fit? Sure you have, in this article we discuss how to surf and the benefits that surfing can offer you.

It is great to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising often, but in order to ensure that it is something you stick with, you should choose a way that you also find fun and enjoyable to do on a constant basis. Since surfing takes place in the waves of the salty ocean, with the breeze in your hair and the sun warming your back, it is a great thing to do to stay fit. It is simple to learn how to surf and by practicing your skills, you will be up and going in no time.

Before you begin, you need to make sure that the board you choose is a good fit for your height and that it has a nice feel to it. This is about six feet for a kid and anywhere from seven to nine foot for an adult or someone tall and you should make sure that you are comfortable when you stand up on it.

Set yourself up in an area of the ocean that is not crowded by other surfers or swimmers so that you can practice without anybody interfering with developing your skills or accidentally getting in your way and disrupting your precarious balance. Always stay within range of the lifeguard, however, to make sure that you will be safe as you try out your new tricks.


When you see the first wave coming that you want to try out, make sure that your board is going in the right direction, which is straight into the oncoming wave. If you are tilted at any angle or sort of sideways to the wave, it will not be picked up and you will not be able to take off.

You start off by lying down on your board and paddling with your hands towards that wave. As you feel the wave underneath you, you should quickly jump up so that you are on both feet, with them placed squarely in the center of the surfboard.

You might find it easier to try out this move on the dry land before heading out to try it in the middle of the waves. It can be easy to lose your balance or to miss and not land in the center and these things are key to doing a successful job, so prepare yourself before just heading out.

By practicing many times, you will find that it is simple to learn how to surf and you can’t even remember a time when you didn’t know how. You will be cruising along those waves like a pro in no time at all and looking for more adventure further out.

Author: John Walls