Looking to grab some tasty grub in Maui? Whilst the island has some top notch restaurants worth visiting, you’ll save yourself a few dollars by getting a meal from one of Maui’s many food trucks. The island has a buzzing food truck scene – not only is this food here affordable, but it’s often just as high quality as the stuff you get dining out. There are trucks that cater to all foodies, whether you’re looking for seafood, meat or vegan cuisine. Here are just a few of our personal favorites across the island.

JAWZ Fish Tacos

Jawz Fish Tacos

This is one of the oldest food trucks on the island and it has gained itself a reputation for its mouthwatering fish tacos. You’ll find it by the roadside on the way to big beach – if you’re planning on doing some surfing or trying one of our Molokini adventures, this truck could be a great place to stop at along the way. On top of fish tacos, JAWS also serves some delicious smoothies and Mexican flavored beach snacks.

Like Poke?

Situated across the street from Costco in Kahului, you’ll find this awesome food truck. ‘Poke’ is a must-try authentic Hawaiian seafood dish consisting of diced fish and a Japanese-inspired spice blend. Like Poke? typically sells out before noon – so be sure to visit this truck early if you’re in the area.

Three’s Food Truck

Threes Food Truck

Many a foodie in Maui will have heard of Three’s Grill – this award-winning restaurant serves all kinds of cool cosmopolitan concoctions from Peruvian pork tacos to crusted Ahi rolls in Thai butter sauce. However, many Maui residents are unaware that the company also has its own food truck from which it serves many of the same dish in take-out form. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for this truck as its constantly moving around the island. If you’re touring the island in a hire car or one of our campervan rentals you may just stumble across it on your journeys.  

Horhitos Mobile Taqueria

This food truck’s biggest appeal is its tacos – they do all kinds of fillings from steak to mahi mahi. They also do a range of other foods including salads, wraps, burritos and quesadillas. This could be the perfect food stop for some wholesome food after an active day of kayaking or surfing. Alternatively, it could be a way to spice up your day after a long morning sunning yourself on the beach. Horhitos are currently based in South Maui – but they do tend to move around a bit.

Kina’Ole Grill

Kina’Ole Grill

Kina’Ole Grill specializes in food that’s tasty and healthy. Here you can grab some fresh shrimp with a side of organic salad or rice pilaf. They do have a few less healthy options like cheesecake too if you’re interested in watching your waistline (you’re on vacation after all!). They’re food is definitely filling and distinctly flavored. You’ll find this food truck open 7 days a week in Kihei.

Braddah Hutt’s BBQ Grill

Love BBQ grill? Make sure to pay a visit to Braddah Hutt’s. This food truck sports some of the most succulent BBQ ribs and yummiest BBQ chicken in the whole of Maui. They also serve tasty shrimp pasta and mahi mahi for those craving some seafood. The portions here are huge, so make sure you’re hungry if you swing by. The truck is a stone’s throw from Kaihalulu bay where you can do some snorkeling or scuba diving beforehand.

Mendo Maui

Mendo Maui

Mendo Maui are a Japanese street-style food truck in Kahului. They’re specialty is ramen and dumpling dishes, served with various ingredients from pork to scallions. Vegans will love Mendo Maui – they have lots of options for non-meat and non-dairy eaters. Everything is made in-house and it’s all made from fresh ingredients.  

Mediterranean Grill

If you’re heading to Haiku, make sure to check out their Mediterranean Grill food truck. This is a great food stop for those craving falafel or lamb gyro. It’s not far from the North Shore beaches – you can grab some beach gear rentals and have a day out by the sea before stopping here for some top quality grub.

Maui Fresh Streatery

Maui Fresh Streatery-min

For some creative cuisine, Maui Fresh Streatery is well worth a visit. Flavors from all around the world are blended here to create some absolutely electrifying dishes. All the ingredients meanwhile are super-fresh. They’re only open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7am to 1pm, so it’s worth planning your trip here.

Thai Mee Up

Maui also has its own Thai food truck located right in the heart of the island. The truck serves a variety of Thai dishes from Pad Thai to Green Curry Shrimp. They’ve won Best Food Truck on Maui in the past, so needless to say their food is very tasty. Thai Mee Up is best combined with some adventures in the centre of the island.