After snorkeling all of Maui we have put together our top ten snorkeling locations in Maui. Click on a snorkel spot below to see more information.


Where white sand beaches and the glimmering blue Pacific meets green, lush, volcanic peaks sits Kapalua, Maui. Located on Maui's northwest shore, this protected marine-life conservation district is a special place to experience.

Honolua Bay
Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay showcases Maui in all its raw beauty. This undeveloped water sports destination is a popular place for snorkeling and scuba diving. It's also a favorite tour for intermediate to advanced paddlers taking our kayak and canoe adventures.


Ka'anapali boasts a long sandy beach, crystal clear, shallow water and a vibrant reef close to shore, making it popular for snorkeling and body boarding year-round. Black Rock dominates the reef formation and is a favorite cliff-jumping location. High-end hotels, luxury shops and restaurants line Ka’anapali Beach.


This historic town was the capital of Hawaii from 1802 to 1840, when King Kamehameha moved the capital city to Honolulu. Home to native Hawaiian Royalty, it was a busy port for whaling ships 150 years ago. Today, Baby Beach is a favorite for families with babies and small children for its calm waters and casual snorkeling.


Maui’s second-busiest city was once a swampy area dotted with Hawaiian fish ponds. Modern-day Kihei hosts many condos, hotels, strip malls and restaurants. Long stretches of sugar-sand beaches line the sunny coast, interspersed with easily accessible, shallow reefs and calm waters that make it popular with snorkelers, casual surfers, body boarders, scuba divers and other paddle sports.


Olowalu's shallow reef close to shore makes this a popular snorkeling and SUP location. Numerous surf breaks along the reef make this a good surfing spot for boards and canoes. A campground bordering Olowalu Bay offers affordable accommodations for those seeking a more rustic experience, and the family-owned General Store offers basic provisions.


Wailea is one of Maui's most luxurious and beautiful locations, making it a popular resort destination for guests looking for a luxury vacation. Some of Maui's most gorgeous hotels line the beaches here, including the Four Seasons, Fairmont and Grand Wailea. The pristine beaches and water invite snorkeling and paddle boarding, and the boardwalk along the beach invites a leisurely stroll.

turtle town

Turtle Town is one of the top five snorkeling spots in Maui. It's a major cleaning station for Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, with many long-term resident turtles calling it home. Boasting various independent reefs and underwater formations, some of its most popular features include Five Caves and Turtle Arches. It's offshore location is best visited by kayak or canoe, but most visitors visit by boat.


Just South of Wailea, this small, rural community is home to some fabulously wealthy residents who can afford the equally fantastically priced real estate and who love the remote, rural setting. Gorgeous, untouched beaches are dotted with rocky outcrops and pristine bays popular with local snorkelers and scuba divers. Past Makena, La Perouse and a handful of other little bays off the beaten path offer wonderful early morning snorkeling and dolphin activity.


This submerged volcanic crater is a designated marine preserve, and the number of daily visitors to the crater is strictly limited. The crater's inside walls form a unique haven for Hawaiian fish and other marine life, making it Maui's most popular snorkel destination. You'll have to take a cruise or hire a boat to get there though - unless you take one of the Molokini Challenge Tours.

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