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The only Hawaiian Owned & Operated Surf School in South Maui.
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Hele Mai! Get a true understanding of Hawaiian history, knowledge the sport of Hawaiian kings, and become part of our Ohana.

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If you’re already comfortable surfing (or have taken lessons with us before), you’re ready for our Hawaiian Surf Safari!

Your surf safari is a half day adventure with a personal surf guide. We’ll take you to several surf breaks around Maui to experience the best surfing Hawaii has to offer. Give us a call or book online to reserve your spot.

Hawaiian Surf Safari

$500/up to five people

Do you want to learn to stand up or learn to surf?

Maui has a lot of “surf schools,” companies that provide one surf instructor to a bunch of would-be surfers all at once. But this model makes it difficult for one instructor to give the personalized attention you may need to learn to surf well.

For some people, it’s enough to stand up on the board and get a quick photo for your social media feed – usually for purchase. But there’s typically little instruction on the ins and outs of surfing, and although you might get lucky and catch a wave on your own once in a while, you likely won’t leave knowing much about on how waves act, waiting for the right wave or what to do once your up on your board.

At Paddle Maui, we aim to help you learn how to surf well.

In your private surf lesson, your expert surf instructor will give you the personal attention you need to really “get it.” Standing up on the board and riding a gentle wave is fun and easy, but there’s a lot more to surfing, and we’ll show you exactly what we mean:

Some important surfing skills you’ll gain at Paddle Maui include:
Surf etiquette – we’ll teach you the core premise of surf respect that will ensure you and the surfers around you stay safe, avoid collisions, and take turns catching waves
Wave selection – not every wave is good for surfing, so we’ll show you how to recognize and wait for the right one
Board position – where you position your feet and body on the board makes a big difference in your ability to catch a wave and ride it in
Paddling – paddling out to the break can be one of the most tiring aspects of surfing, but we’ll teach you how to do it properly so you can stay out longer
The jump up – we’ll show you the best way to get up on your board once you’ve got the wave so you can stay up longer

These skills take practice to master. Our Maui surf instructors will help you understand these finer points of surfing success and support you as you learn and practice these skills during your private surf lesson.

Guaranteed To Surf

Many factors affect how quickly you'll learn to surf, but we're so confident in our expert surf instructors, we guarantee you'll be surfing by the end of your first lesson or we'll give you a second lesson for FREE.

No matter what your level of comfort in the water, physical fitness, height and weight are, we’ll work with your specifics to help you get the best first-time surf experience ever! 

Book your Private “Guaranteed to Surf” Surfing Lesson Today!

*Because weather and surf conditions can affect your satisfaction with your surf lesson, we'll recommend the best location for you based on current conditions. 

Why take private surf lessons on Maui

During your private surf lesson, you never have to worry about waiting your turn, getting enough attention, or leaving with unanswered questions. You and your party will get your surf instructor’s undivided attention for the entire lesson so you leave knowing you've just experienced one of the best surf lessons in Maui. And if you’ve taken a surf lesson before and want help brushing up on your surf skills or further developing your style, we can help you with that too.

Want to learn more? Call today and let our knowledgeable staff help you book the perfect Maui surfing lesson for you!