Outrigger Canoe and Surf Session


Experience the exhilaration of canoe surfing like Hawaiians did before surfboards were invented! Your guide will teach you how to paddle an outrigger canoe, traditional Hawaiian commands still used today and other Hawaiian words popular in canoe culture, and finally how to surf a canoe.

Learn where waves come from, how they form, how to choose a good wave, and all about proper surfing etiquette. This lesson is perfect for small groups and families as the surfing canoe requires three guests in order to paddle and surf effectively.
If you have three guests your canoe surfing lesson will be private for your group, otherwise we’ll fill the remaining seats with guests outside your group. For groups of four people or more, we’ll take turns or bring a second surfing canoe.*

Our canoe surfing location depends on current wind and wave swell conditions, so we’ll choose the best location the day before your scheduled lesson based on weather conditions and the skill level and experience of your group.

*ask about details and pricing


2 Hour Canoe Surf Session

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1 guest $249
2-3 guests $159 per person
4 or more guests $129 per person, rotating in one canoe

For larger groups requesting two canoes please inquire for rates.


    A Surfing Canoe is a four-person outrigger canoe or OC4. Much shorter than a traditional six-person outrigger canoe this hull has more rocker, or a banana shape, to allows it to turn easy and surf waves without being out of control. Higher gunnels and wider hull also provide for a better canoe surfing experience over a traditional six-person outrigger canoe.


    When you embark on a canoe surfing adventure with us, you'll find out what it really means to be "stoked!" Feel the rush of catching a wave without the added challenge of wielding a surf board - just stay seated and catch a wave! Our expert surf canoe guides are competitive outrigger canoe paddlers and steersmen, so you’ll feel confident knowing you're in the best company. You'll help launch and land the canoe and learn the best paddling techniques during your excursion. We’ll pick the best location for your group and make sure you're comfortable with all the paddling and safety details before we ever hit the water. Later, when your friends and family ask, "What? You surfed a canoe?!" you can tell them all about how awesome it was.

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