No motors, no crowds, no noise, a whale experience you won’t forget!

Whale Watching Kayak

Maui Whale Watching Kayak Tours


No crowded boats or noisy engines here. A private Maui Whale Watching Kayak Tour lets you experience our magnificent Humpback whale visitors in an intimate, quiet and more personal setting. You'll gain a greater appreciation for these gentle giants while immersing yourself in their natural environment.

People of all skill levels and physical abilities can take our whale watching kayak tour. We use stable and beginner-friendly kayaks for our whale watching tours. Our kayaks are almost impossible to flip, providing a safe and secure option for families with small children and first-time ocean explorers. Couples can share a kayak or paddle separately, and our one-person canoes offer you freedom for individual fun.

On your private Maui whale watching tour, you’re the boss. Snorkel, float, paddle - just let your guide know how you want to adventure.


3 Hour PRIVATE Whale Watching Tour South Maui, Makena OR West Maui, Olowalu

We do NOT combine parties!

FREE Digital Photos of your tour

Water, Snack, Snorkel Gear provided

Certified Marine Naturalist Guides

1 guest $249 per person
2-4 guests $159 per person
5 or more guests $139 per person

Epic Whale Watch Video
Learn About Humpback Whales

Birthing & Mating Habits

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Humpback Whales make their way to Hawaii to breed, give birth and play with their young in the temperate, sheltered waters. The Auau Channel between West Maui, Molokai and Lanai is one of the most popular breeding and calving grounds. Males follow prospective female mates, often competing with other interested males in mating pods.

Eating Habits

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Humpback whales do not eat while in Hawaii. Instead, they draw energy from a thick layer of blubber built up in the cold waters surrounding Alaska during summer months where they feed on about a ton of krill, plankton and other small fish per day.

Whale Songs

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Males are known to sing, and create complex songs that span an impressive 8 octaves and can be heard up to 12 miles away. The specific reason for these songs are not fully understood, it is believed they are done to attract potential mates and communicate with other whales.

Anatomy & Behavior

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  • Humpback whales typically breathe air every 10 to 15 minutes, but they can hold their breath for up to 45 minutes.
  • Whales sleep by shutting off half of their brain at a time.
  •  Whales exhibit surface activities like slaps, lunges, peduncle throws, peduncle arches, fluke-up dives, fluke-down dives, spy hopping, lobtailing, blowing and, our personal favorite, breaching. While these behaviors are entertaining to us, they're actually a form of communication.

Life Expectancy & Population

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On average, humpback whales live approximately 45 to 50 years, though some research has indictaed many can live 90 years or more. Humpback whales are classified as an endangered species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act of 1973, with between 30,000 to 40,000 whales remaining today - an estimated  30% of the original humpback whale population.

Maui Whale Watching Outrigger Canoe Tours


Our Maui Whale Watching Outrigger Canoe Tours use modern Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes (Wa`a) that combine ancient Hawaiian design with modern materials for a superior craft that’s safe, stable, and suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.

Outrigger canoes give you a higher vantage point than kayaks, making an outrigger canoe tour one of the best ways to watch whales on Maui. But while our kayak and SUP tours are completely private, Hawaiian outrigger canoes require all six seats be filled with paddlers in order to power the boat properly. Your guide will take the captain’s seat, but the other five must be occupied, so if you have a group of less than five, we will combine smaller parties in order to give you the best outrigger canoe paddling experience.

Like our kayak whale watching tours, your outrigger canoe tour will give you a chance to snorkel among Maui’s colorful tropical fish and marine life.*

*time permitting


3 Hour PRIVATE Whale Watch Tour South Maui, Makena

We do NOT combine parties!

FREE Digital Photos of your tour

Water, Snack, Snorkel Gear provided

Certified Marine Naturalist Guides

$159 per person

Not recommended for children <4 years old

Whale Watching On Maui SUP : Stand Up Paddle Board Tours


The private Stand Up Paddle Whale Watching Tour is well suited for people who are familiar with stand up paddling, as you’ll want to focus on watching the whales, rather than learning how to balance and navigate on your board.

SUP’s are slower than kayaks or canoes, so you will have shorter range available in which to find whales on this two-hour tour. But when we find them, you’ll get a spectacular view from a paddle board and be able to see whales at a further distance.
Taking a private SUP whale watching tour means you’re in charge, so if you want to stop and snorkel, just say the word. And we’ll paddle out as far or stay as close to shore as you want.


2 Hour PRIVATE Tour South Maui, Makena or West Maui

We do NOT combine parties!

FREE Digital Photos of your tour

Water, Snack, Snorkel Gear provided

Certified Marine Naturalist Guides

1 Guest $199
2-5 Guests $139 per person
6 or more Guest $139 per person with an additional guide


Each year, visitors flock to Maui December through April for some of the best whale watching in the world.

Maui’s shallow, warm, and sheltered waters provide the perfect habitat for Humpback whales to give birth and teach their young how to be a whale. Their lively surface activity and vibrant physical communication techniques make Humpback whales some of the most enjoyable whales to watch. You might see antics like pec slaps, breaches, fluke slaps, spy hops and tail-up dives. Humpbacks are mammals that breathe air, and they have to surface about every 10 to 15 minutes to take a breath, spraying water high into the air as they clear their lungs of water, making a magnificent sight for whale watchers. If you’re visiting Hawaii from December to April, taking a whale watching tour is a must, and Paddle Maui has the best private whale watching tours on Maui.


“Seeing a whale from a kayak is a totally different experience. What I will remember most are the sounds of the whales. We stopped at one point and just quietly waited. I could hear them breathing all around us. It drove home the point that these are fellow mammals and I was deeply privileged to be able to spend some time with them on the water.” -John Shirley


While you’ll find many larger boats offering public whale watching tours, there’s just no better way to watch whales on Maui than getting up close and personal on a Private Stand Up Paddle Board, Ocean Kayak or Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Whale Watching Tour. Without the crowds, noisy engines and gasoline fumes, you’ll be able to appreciate these magnificent creatures in an intimate, quiet setting. It’s a humbling and awe-inspiring experience you’ll remember forever.

Our expert guides are certified marine naturalists who can explain whale behaviors, answer questions, take you to the best whale watching spots and offer an exclusive, personalized whale watching adventure guided by your pace. After all, when you take one of our private whale watching excursions it’s all about the whales – and you!


STEP 1 – Choose Your Vessel:

Ocean Kayak
• Stand Up Paddle Board
• Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe

STEP 2 – Choose your location:

• Makena

After a fun water safety and paddling orientation, we’ll launch into a relaxed paddle and begin looking for Humpback whales. Usually, we’ll find several active pods of whales on any given tour displaying a wide array of activity like Pec Slaps, Fluke Slaps, Spy Hops and Breaches. Oftentimes you can even hear the whales “singing”!

Your expert guide will tell you about humpback whale habits and activities, and point out other marine life, along with the history of the surrounding islands. If time permits, we’ll take a leisurely paddle back to one of our favorite snorkeling reefs and cool off while snorkeling with Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles and tropical fish before heading back to shore, humbled, exhilarated and loaded with memories.