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We offer the best private guides and instruction you can find on Maui. Cruise Maui's crystal clear waters on one of our premier Outrigger Canoe, Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board tours. Let us take you on one of Maui's best Snorkeling or Whale Watching kayak and canoe tours, or take Maui Surfing Lessons with one of our top rated instructors.

Whatever floats your boat, we'll help you escape the tourist crowds and experience Maui like a local. So don't wait, choose your Maui ocean adventure today!



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Rent Snorkel Gear
Rent Snorkel Gear


When you take a private tour or lesson with Paddle Maui, you'll have 100 percent of your guide's attention. Personal services tailored to your individual preferences make a big difference during your tropical getaway. You'll escape the one-size-fits-all tourist track and get off the beaten path to experience true adventure led by experienced, capable, and knowledgeable guides.

Paddle out into the blue on an outrigger canoe or kayak tour, or take a Maui paddle boarding tour to get an up-close look at Maui's reefs and marine life. And our pro guides give private surf lessons that will have you up on your board catching waves in no time.

At Paddle Maui, we value people over profits. That's why we plan every detail just for you and your crew. After all, Paddle Maui was born to offer one-of-a-kind ocean adventures that combine the Aloha spirit with your own spirit of adventure for a Maui ocean experience you'll treasure for a lifetime. And all our local Maui guides are passionate, lifelong watersports professionals and Certified Marine Naturalists who can provide both protection and instruction.

Choose from the personalized, private tours listed below to begin your memorable Maui ocean adventure.


Winter brings humpback whales to Maui's warm tropical waters, giving you a chance for up-close and personal whale watching by kayak at Makena or Olowalu. No crowds, no engine noise, no gas fumes. Just you, your guide, and the majesty of Maui's humpback whales.

Summer in Maui means kayaking to prime snorkel spots where you can swim with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles in one of three beautiful locations: Makena, Molokini Crater, and Olowalu.

Each site offers an extraordinary marine environment for a unique snorkeling experience. One of the biggest benefits of taking a private kayak tour is that you get to choose the best adventure for your fitness level, and our guides will recommend the best spot for you based on your comfort level and know-how.

Our knowledgeable kayak guides will provide you with all the tools you need to feel comfortable - even if it's your first time. And if you already have lots of experience, our guides can offer a more challenging adventure suitable for intermediate or advanced skills. 

Surf Lessons

Learn to surf in Maui! Private Maui Surf Lessons offer a much more personalized approach than the paint-by-numbers “Maui Surf Schools” in Kihei, Lahaina and Ka'anapali where you're just another face in the crowd.  

At Paddle Maui, our surf instructors take you to a more secluded surf break where you can learn to surf at your pace. You'll learn how to really surf - not just stand up on a board. Our private Maui surf lessons guarantee five guests or less per surf instructor. If your group includes more than five people you'll get another surf instructor.

Your surf instructor will teach you all about proper surf etiquette, how the waves form and how to tell which direction they go, waiting for the right wave and how to catch it. We're so confident you’ll be surfing by the end of one easy lesson that if you don't you'll get a second surfing lesson for FREE.

Paddle Board
stand up paddle boarding

Exploring Maui's scenic coastline and marine life on a Stand Up Paddle Board is an amazing way to immerse yourself in Hawaii's natural beauty. We'll take you and your paddle board to Olowalu or Makena for Private Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Tours and SUP Lessons.

Because everyone has different fitness and comfort levels in the ocean, your paddle board instructor or guide will tailor your Stand Up Paddle experience to your personal skills and preferences. We can go as far and as fast as your ability allows, or take it slow and mellow - without having to worry about what anyone else is doing. 

Want to remember your special moment forever? Your instructor will capture photos of your epic moments, included free of charge.

outrigger canoe

Experience authentic Hawaiian culture on a Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Tour. Your guide will regale you with ancient Maui legends and stories while you paddle out to sea on a traditional Hawaiian craft. And you'll do much more than just sit in the canoe and paddle!

Make rope from coconut fibers to lash a canoe (wa'a) together like the ancient Hawaiians did, and learn how Polynesians migrated to Hawaii using astounding navigation techniques and how they not only survived, but cultivated the Hawaiian islands and built a thriving community.

Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Tours require more manpower than out private tours and lessons, so we do combine parties in order to fill all seats in a Canoe. Our 45-foot Hawaiian outrigger canoe contains six seats, and our larger, double hull canoe has twelve seats. One seat is reserved for your guide and the rest go to the paddlers.

Like our private kayak tours, you'll be able to snorkel or whale watch, depending on the season. But because you'll want all the paddling help you can get on these larger craft, you will be included as part of a small group.

Your guide will document your epic Hawaiian adventure and send you some Insta-worthy photos after your Maui Outrigger Canoe Tour, so you can just relax and enjoy your experience without worrying about getting the perfect selfie.

outrigger canoe

Take your Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe experience to the next level and feel the rush of surfing the waves like the earliest Hawaiians did. People have been Canoe Surfing  for as long as canoes have braved the ocean.

Ancient canoe captains had to time shore landings to coincide with friendly tides and good shoreline accessibility, catching only the waves that would bring them safely to shore over the shallow reefs. Guiding a canoe onto shore like this requires correct timing and a good amount of synchronized paddle power.

So, like our Hawaiian outrigger canoe tours, canoe surfing  requires an evenly matched group. To surf the waves in a canoe safely and effectivley, all seats in the canoe must be filled with paddlers. While your guide, a certified marine naturalist and lifeguard, will steer the canoe, you and the rest of your crew will provide the paddle power.

Like our other tours, your guide will provide complimentary photos for you to share with your family and friends.

Whale Watching Maui

Our Private Maui Whale Watching Tours allow you to enjoy a quiet, intimate whale watching experience all your own.

We think December through April is the best time to visit Maui, and the whales think so too. Balmy weather and warm, tropical waters draw majestic humpback whales from their cooler summer feeding grounds near the Arctic to give birth and teach their baby whales the ins and outs of whaledom.

But this magical season also brings tens of thousands of tourists each month who come for the same thing – whale watching.

Don’t settle for being crammed onto a catamaran or spilling your drink on a giant whale watching boat with hundreds of other people. Take a private whale watching tour and get closer to our precious Humpback whales without disturbing them like a massive boat and a loud engine can.

We’ll paddle out on a stand up paddle board, kayak or outrigger canoe and watch these gentle giants play and communicate in their natural environment. Without a noisy crowd or engine, you’ll be able to hear them exhale as they spout water high into the air. We might see common whale antics like pec slaps, fluke slaps, spy hops and breaches.

On our private whale watching tours, we often encounter mother whales with their baby and escort, and since your tour is tailored to you and your time schedule, we can sit out on the water and calmly watch them for hours without disturbing them.

Sometimes we’ll see a pod of several male Humpback whales competing for a female swim by, showing off and splashing like crazy.

Every trip is filled with different, wonderful things, and although we never know quite what to expect from the whales and other marine life, you can count on having an incredible, one-of-a-kind experience with one of Maui’s best guides.

**Available seasonally, January – March**


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